Wednesday, 26 October 2011

AFK! Long Time no Posts

Apologies for my very very late post. The last month and a bit has been action-packed and very busy!

I hope nobody was waiting on tender hooks for the Yakisoba post. It will come in a few weeks (I haven't been in a yakisoba mood, so when that day comes there will be a visually delicious recipe posted)

So what has been occupying me in the last month? Well mainly unemployment (for the last 7 months) so a friend and I decided enough is enough and have joined a craft market to sell our crafty wares! I would have loved to make a Japanese food stall, but regulations in Ireland are very tough and costly when setting up a business.

So, instead I have turned to origami paper craft in an effort to make some extra cash. The last month was spent folding, creating and towards market day, not sleeping!

Origami Advent Calendars

Things seemed to go well for my first day. I sold a good majority of produce and I'll hopefully do it again!

My stall selling advent calendars, fairy light lanterns & my own photographs from Japan!

And while this was happening, I managed to get a job! Hallelujah!

So now I am in full time employment while also crafting and selling on the weekends (majorly busy like!)

I should hopefully be able to update with tasty tasty food in the coming weeks!

Any suggestions for recipes let me know! I'll be happy to give anything a shot :)